Nanofiltration water purifier D601/D601R

Nanofiltration water purifier D601/D601R

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Nano filtration tech

Selective filtering,for safety and healthy more

It can achieve the selective filtering of target separators, effectively remove the bacteria, residual chlorine, organic pollutant, heavy metal and other harmful substances in the water, and retain the potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other mineral elements appropriately through the nanoscale aperture screening and electric charge effect among charged groups.

High definition touch tap

TDS number real-time display

High definition touch tap,TDS number real-time display,Purification effect at a glance

Intelligent water-saving

Intelligent water-saving valve technology:Raw water is different,net water measured

With low-voltage operation and large flux, the Originwater nanofiltration element can save water and power over 70% more than the traditional water purifier; security, healthy and low-carbon!

Patented technology self rotating filter cap design

Renew cartridge,as simple as a bottle cap
Environmental protection

Intelligent combination+Mobile APP

Be in the lead Intelligent Internet of things+Mobile APP sistem,filter status and water quality are simp control in your hand。

Fashion design

Hommization engineering design,International quality of sophisticated technology