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What is ultrafiltration membrane
PVDF material is adopted, with the best chemical stability, pollution resistance and high strength, PVDF is the membrane material whose comprehensive performance is the best among the membrane making materials used by ultrafiltration membrane at present. ◆ Ultra-high tensile strength ◆ By using the fiber-reinforced composite membrane structure, the tensile strength is 200N or above. ◆ Large flux, durable stability and pure water flux of 2,000L/h/m2 or above at 25℃. The spongy pore structure realizes the larger porosity and connectivity and the permanent hydrophilic modification realizes the larger flux and intensity. ◆ High filter precision and average membrane pore size of 0.08 microns. Regardless of changes in inlet water quality, the turbidity of outlet water must be less than 0.1NTU. ◆ Strictly use the food-grade materials, which reaches the international health standards.
Characteristics of ultrafiltration membrane

Repeatable cleaning

Originwater unique external pressure membrane,contaminants remain on the membrane surface,filter can be repeatedly cleaned,the membrane can be reused.

Enhanced PVDF material

Fiber reinforced composite structure,tensile strength above 200N.Permanent hydrophilic modification technology to ensure the smaller contact angle of the film surface,low water pressure can filtration,to ensure that the large amount of yielding water.

Originwater Ultrafiltration membrane