Work together to share wealth

You will be free from rigorous restriction threshold and unlimited hierarchical network when working together with OriginWater. Everything will be promoted from effectiveness and start from practical marketing, so that more people with visions can join the board market for the brand growth and development of Chinese water purification industry, and the majority of partners and consumers can obtain the most valuable value of life from the cooperation with OriginWater!

Cooperation requirements

1.Legal person with corresponding qualifications;
2.Have a good market reputation and credibility;
3.Have a certain understanding of water purification, home appliances, building materials and other related markets;
4.Have a relatively rich industry market experience and precipitation, with a certain sales network;
5.Recognize the brand, product and business philosophy of OriginWater, and be willing to comply with the company’s management system.

Cooperation process

Application for joining
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