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What is nanofiltration membrane
As one of the reverse osmosis membrane element series designed and developed by Originwater, the low-pressure series reverse osmosis membrane elements (RO-LP) are the core materials to realize reverse osmosis and mainly used for desalination of brackish water. The elements include low-pressure, ultra-low pressure, sea water desalination and antipollution series products and they are the core materials to realize reverse osmosis and mainly used to dispose of the industrial waste water with a little organic pollution, urban sewage and micro-polluted water source; the membrane element is composed of reverse osmosis membrane, central tube, inlet/outlet end cover, thick screen, light screen, fiberglass, seal, polyurethane sealant and other parts. The main material of DF nanofiltration filter element is polyamide composite membrane; it can make the hydrone and ionic mineral elements intercept the impure substances contained in water, such as pyrogen, bacteria, toxin , compound, heavy metals (arsenic, cobalt, cadmium, mercury, etc.) toxic substance, metal, salt, ions and other substances which do harm to body health and prepare the purified water through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane by using the booster pump for high-pressure penetration. Under the pressure of 0.45MPa and the recovery rate of 15%, the flux is ≧ 35L/m2 * h and the desalination rate for 250ppmNaCl solution is ≧ 90%; the reverse osmosis membrane can provide securer guarantee to the drinking water and it is particularly suitable for household and small water treatment devices.
Advantages of nanofiltration membrane

Selective filtering

It can achieve the selective filtering of target separators, effectively remove the bacteria, residual chlorine, organic pollutant, heavy metal and other harmful substances in the water, and retain the potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other mineral elements appropriately through the nanoscale aperture screening and electric charge effect among charged groups.

Water and power saving

With low-voltage operation and large flux, the Originwater nanofiltration element can save water and power over 70% more than the traditional water purifier; security, healthy and low-carbon!

Originwater nanofiltration element