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  • Large water yield >
  • Intelligent backwashing >
  • Adjustable control >
  • Exchange resin >
  • The prevention and control of algae and bacteria >
  • Large capacity salt tank >
  • By using the principle of ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium in water,soften water to avoid the scale,large flow design to ensure the use of multiple water points,It is an important means to solve the large area,multiple points,the same time.
  • Built in intelligent controller,suspended impurities can be regular automatic washing resin surface interception and as well as some broken resin,at the same time,loosen the resin layer,increase the contact area of resin particles with water,ensure adequate resin activity,improve product softening function.
  • Use full automatic multi way control valve,according to the different needs of users,can choice time type,flow type,type of mixed regeneration to different settings,fully demonstrate the product concept of humanism.
  • High performance food grade ion exchange resin,fast switching speed,high regeneration efficiency,safe to use,more significant softening.
  • Industry leading food grade glass fiber reinforced plastic filter tank,effective prevention of algae breeding,strong inhibition of various bacterial reproduction,completely put an end to the second pollution.
  • Food grade super capacity salt tank,corrosion resistance,rust free,extend cycle to add salt,effectively ensure water quality safety,make the softening effect more lasting.
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What is the high-quality, secure and healthy drinking water?