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Water Purification Class
The World Health Organization (WHO) survey shows that: 80% of the diseases and 50% of the children deaths in the world are related to the poor quality of drinking water

In the world,

50 millionchildren die 35 million people suffer from cardiovascular disease 70 millionpeople suffer from lithiasis 90 millionpeople suffer from hepatitis 30 millionpeople die of liver cancer and gastric cancer every year

Due to water pollution, there are more and more new diseases caused by water pollution, and drinking water pollution has become the most important water environment problem. People pay more and more attention to the security of drinking water.


What is the high-quality, secure and healthy drinking water?

It is the colorless, tasteless, transparent and sterile water without spore, virus, residual chlorine, trihalomethanes, pesticide residues, chemical organics and heavy metals, such as rust, lead, mercury and other impurities, and with calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other microelements and other minerals

Is the drinking water secure now? Will the insecure drinking water cause physical harm, do you know that?

1. Insecure drinking water will result in kidney burden so as to decrease the renal function and thus cause renal failure; even the kidney of severe patient needs to be changed.

2. It will reduce the quality of raw materials of cell and immune function.

3. It will reduce the body’s sensitivity to environment changes and decrease the ability to be free from damage.
Please refer to the following authoritative report: the drinking habits today will determine the health status in 10 years. People are accustomed to drinking boiled water, but the alum, rust, residual chlorine, trihalomethane, heavy metal lead, mercury and bacterial viruses in the tap water cannot be removed by boiling. According to WHO reports, 2221 kinds of chemical substances can be checked in the world’s water, including 765 kinds of harmful organic pollutants in the drinking water; after identification, there are 20 kinds of carcinogens, 23 kinds of suspected carcinogens, 56 kinds of mutagens and 18 kinds of cancer promoters in the drinking water.

How can we drink healthy drinking water?

1. Will you buy some water to drink? Rich people drink the mineral water from abroad. If we buy the French Evian water for drink, the cost of a family of three for drinking, vegetable washing, rice washing, face washing and tea making is 400,000 yuan a year, which is unrealistic for the ordinary people.

2. Will you wait until the state formulates the healthy water standards and transforms the existing water purification and pipeline systems to reach the European and American, Japanese and South Korean existing drinking water standards? That may be realized in decades and the huge financial and material resources are required. Health cannot wait!

3. The last way out and the decision that can be made by own: install the water purifiers and ensure the last check from the tap.


What is the high-quality, secure and healthy drinking water?

Some of the existing water purification technologies can filter out not only the harmful substances, but also the mineral elements which are good for human body; although the purified water is secure, but it is not healthy especially for children, the old, pregnant women and valetudinary people to drink it in a long term.

—Professor Wang Zhansheng, Deputy President of Water Depth Treatment Research Association of Tsinghua University 

At present, there are up to more than 80 kinds of “Three Promoting Substances (carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic)” which have been found in the tap water and there are risks in every link among the four major links that water enters the family (water source, water plant, water supply network and secondary water supply).

—Professor Liu Wenjun, Director of Drinking Water Security Institute of Tsinghua University

The purified water is acidic and it can not only supplement the minerals required by human body, but also lead to the loss of mineral nutrients of human body, so the long-term drinking of the purified water will destroy the acid-base balance of human body and it is worse for the health of children, the old, pregnant women and other people.

—Professor Li Fuxing, Director of Public Healthy Drinking Water Institute in Beijing

Filter element is the heart of water purifier. The new generation of low-pressure selective nanofiltration element of Originwater brings two major core advantages.

First: selective filtering: it can achieve the selective filtering of target separators, remove the bacteria, residual chlorine, organic pollutant, heavy metal and other harmful substances in the water effectively, and retain the potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other mineral elements appropriately through the nanoscale aperture screening and electric charge effect among charged groups. The filtered water is like delicious mountain spring water.

Second: water and power saving: with low-voltage operation and large flux, the Originwater nanofiltration element can save the water and power which is over 70% more than the traditional water purifier.


Important notice of Originwater on water purification ----- cold and freezing prevention tips for water purifier in winter

Winter is coming and the temperature is getting lower and lower, so the freezing and cracking prevention work of water purifier shall be done well. Especially in the northern region, the frost appears easily, so the water purifier will be easy to crack, leak or block if the freezing prevention is not concerned.

Precautions of water purifier in winter:

1. Precautions in winter

As the temperature is too low in winter, the water pipeline is easy to burst; if the water supply pipeline cracks and the water is cut off, please turn off the inlet ball valve of water purifier, turn on the tap first after the water is open to discharge the sediment in the water supply pipeline, and then turn on the inlet ball valve to make the water purifier work so as to avoid the filter element of water purifier being blocked in a short time and prevent from reducing the water flow due to the sediment, rust and other debris mixed in the construction process which enter into the water purifier.

2. Phenomena which easily occur in winter

The water yield will be decreased and the lower the temperature, the larger the decrease range of the water flow; as the water viscosity is affected by the temperature, the water yield of membrane will be declined; when the water temperature is decreased by 1℃, the water yield of membrane will be decreased by 3%; the water yield in winter is about 50% or more of that in summer; do not worry about the damage of machine; the water yield will return to the level of normal water yield with the rise of temperature; the thick water will be increased in winter, the flow of thick water will be increased accordingly due to the decreasing of water yield and the thick water ratio is increased, which are normal phenomena; with the rise of temperature, the thick water will be decreased and the produced water flow will be increased.

3. Freezing prevention of complete machine (installed outdoor or outside) 

When the ambient temperature is below 0 degrees, the water purifier must be stopped; if the water purifier is installed indoors, turn off the power and the inlet ball valve, drain the water in the filter bottle, discharge the water inside the water tank, pressure barrel and heat liner, take out the membrane and place it in the water (the water used to soak membrane shall be replaced regularly).

If the water purifier is installed outdoors, conduct the insulation treatment (≧5°) or remove the water purifier, drain the water in the filter bottle, take out the membrane and place it in the water (the water used to soak membrane shall be replaced regularly); when the ambient temperature is below 0 degrees, the volume of water will be expanded in the solidification process with the decreasing of temperature, so all the pipes, filter bottles, membrane walls of water purifier will burst and thus the leakage will be caused if the water is frozen.

If you will not use the water purifier in a long term or need to go out, turn off the inlet ball valve, and drain the water in the water tank, pressure barrel and heat liner; check whether the appearance of machine is normal before reusing and turn on the power after confirming that it is normal; it is recommended to discharge the barrel of water made first time.

4. Treatment for freezing conditions

The whole water purifier must be placed in the room with the room temperature of over 8℃ (do not bump) and it can be started to use after natural thawing of 36 hours; the water purifier cannot be started for water making forcibly during this thawing period, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine; check whether there are leakage phenomena after startup, and re-tighten the corresponding parts or contact the customer service for repair if a leakage occurs.

5. Treatment after shutdown before reusing 

Check whether the appearance of machine is normal before reusing, and turn on the water power after confirming that it is normal; it is recommended to discharge the barrel of water made first time; if the leakage or other abnormal phenomena are found, please contact the customer service hotline 4000200051.