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  • Low-pressure Nano filtration >
  • Long-life filter >
  • easy to use >
  • Standard for double pot >
  • Imported PP material >
  • Kitchen Aesthetics >
  • New generation of low pressure selective nanofiltration element can effectively remove the harmful substances in the water and appropriately reserve the minerals and microelements. The water and power saved by it is more than 70% of that saved by the traditional water purifier.
  • The service life of the filter element can be up to 36 months,overall savings in your use cost.
  • Separation type water storage kettle and base combination,living room,Kitchen move anytime.
  • Use of pot water way to break the fixed water limit,super water storage capacity,at the same time can store water and using water,meet different water demand.Intelligent water production,water full stop.
  • Imported PP material from South Korea,easy cleaning,colorless tasteless,sophisticated technology,fresh water storage.
  • Display area of only A4 size,save more space than a rice cooker,quick installation design,5 minutes to complete self install.
Best Nano Filter, Best Water
OriginWater-Global innovator of water cleaning technology
Technical parameters
  • Product name

    Originwater OW-DF-01 type Nano Water Purifier

  • Product code


  • Product item No.


  • Applicable water source

    Municipal tap water

  • Applicable power supply


  • Rated power


  • Applicable water temperature


  • Applicable environment temperature


  • Applicable pressure


  • Flow of purified water


  • Rated total net water


  • Product size


  • Health batch No.

    J.W.S.Z(2014) No.2202

  • Execution standard


  • Effluent quality

    Meet requirements from Ministry of Health《Specification for hygienic and functional assessment of drinking water quality processors - general water quality processors》(2001)

Purification Classes
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What is the high-quality, secure and healthy drinking water?