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Originwater research and development center is located in Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Zone covering an area of 55,000 square meters. The research and development center is dedicated to the manufacturing of membrane material and membrane equipment and research and development and technical service of membrane application technology for the water environment problems of “dirty water, less water and unsafe drinking water”. Originwater invests nearly 5% of revenue into the technical research and development every year and there are nearly 600 research and development talents. Until now, Originwater has owned more than 300 patented technologies, won the Second Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, First Prize of Science and Technology Award of Ministry of Education and many other honors, undertook the national “Major Water Special Project”, “863” plan, “National Science and Technology Support Plan” and other national projects, built the “Postdoctoral Working Station” and “National Engineering Technology Center”, and set up the joint research and development center cooperatively with Tsinghua University, University of New South Wales and other organizations.