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Social Benefit
Originwater makes the contributions within its power around the national water environment protection work all the time, appeals the public to pay attention to the water pollution with the Bishui Chuntian Foundation, One Foundation, China Youth Development Foundation, China Volunteer Service Foundation and other public welfare projects, and ensures that more people can drink safe and secure drinking water. Originwater is recognized as the industry model.
  • Zhongxiang disaster area assistance:from July 18 to 20, Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province suffered a rare heavy rain. Originwater paid close attention to the relocation and resettlement of victims, donated 100 set of water purification equipment with the total value of about 300,000 yuan, and spared no effort to guarantee the security of drinking water of mass in disaster area.
  • Huilongguan water purification assistance:in May, a sudden water pollution accident occurs in Huilongguan. Originwater set up 6 stations to provide emergency assistance, distributed water purifiers and nanofiltration bottled water to the community residents freely, allocated water quality testing device, and relieved drinking water difficulties for the first time.
  • “Water Purification Plan” of rural campus:Originwater cooperated with One Foundation, Coca-Cola China and other multidisciplinary partners to jointly launch the upgraded version of the “Water Purification Plan” public welfare project and met the challenges of drinking water security in rural campus with innovative solutions, enabling more children to drink clean water. At present, 600 rural schools have benefited and the drinking water conditions of nearly 200,000 rural children have been improved.
  • “Drinking Water, Caring Source” campus donation:the Originwater “Drinking Water, Caring Source” public welfare activity jointly initiated by Beijing OriginWater Technology Co., Ltd., China Volunteer Service Foundation and Bishui Chuntian Foundation in 2015 has provided nearly 50,000 primary and secondary school students with free healthy and safe water until now.
  • Ludian earthquake disaster assistance:on August 11, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. Originwater donated 400 sets of water purification equipment with the value of 1.5 million yuan to the teachers and students of Longtoushan Center Primary School of Ludian County hand in hand with China Youth Development Foundation.
  • “Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award” fund sponsoring: in August, Originwater provided the “Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award” of Ministry of Environmental Protection with the fund sponsoring of 5 million yuan.
  • Ya’an earthquake disaster area assistance: on April 20, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Lushan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province. Originwater provided the fund of 500,000 yuan and water purification equipment with the value of 500,000 yuan to the earthquake disaster area through the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.
  • Beijing 7.21 heavy rain disaster assistance:on July 21, a heavy rainstorm occurred in Beijing. Originwater donated 300 (sets) high-tech water purification equipment with the value of 2 million yuan to the Fangshan rainstorm disaster area.