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  • Auto-Control >
  • Direct drinking water purification >
  • Physical filtration >
  • Automatic flushing >
  • Totally enclosed water storage >
  • Membrane filtration >
  • Simple operation >
  • Adjustable control >
  • Excellent design >
  • Full-automatic control is adopted so that user can use water at any time only by connecting to the water point.
  • Water purifier can be effective treatment of raw water, purified water can be directly consumed.
  • Pure physical filtration, without any additives,can not afford chemical changes, purified water can be directly consumed.
  • Use automatic flushing method,avoid changes in water quality after the filters first use or long term not use.Effectively extend the service life of the filter element,protect the water quality.
  • Full closed water storage tank,to avoid contamination of bacteria,To ensure the stability of water flow,At the same time, it can meet the user's water demand in a certain period of time.
  • According to different models using 1 or more membrane filter.Large water flow,water quality stability and good taste.
  • Simple operation,automatic continuous water production,and water quality stability.
  • Adjustable device for concentrated water discharge,users can set their own water discharge ratio.
  • Can move structure design,more convenient for users to use.
Best Nano Filter, Best Water
OriginWater-Global innovator of water cleaning technology
Technical parameters
  • Product name

    Originwater OW-DF-12 type Nano Water Purifier

  • Product code


  • Product item No.


  • Applicable water source

    Municipal tap water

  • Applicable power supply


  • Applicable pressure


  • Applicable environment temperature


  • Applicable water temperature


  • Rated power


  • Flow of purified water


  • Product size


  • Rated total net water


  • Health batch No.

    J.W.S.Z (2015) No.2334

  • Execution standard


  • Effluent quality

    Comply with the requirements of 《drinking water quality standards》 (CJ94-2005)

Purification Classes
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