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  • Five purification module:Highly effective antibacterial filter screen,efficient HEPA filter layer,normal temperature catalytic purification net,UV photocatalysis,anion purification technology,effectively filter and remove indoor PM2.5, smoke, dust, pollen,abnormal smell, formaldehyde, benzene series, VOC and other pollutants, purify the air, keep the air humidity and create a fresh space.
  • Biochemical cotton:filtration of large granular bacterial contaminants;Activated carbon filter:filtration of fine particle bacterial contaminants;Activated carbon:professional sterilization, decomposition of harmful substances,HEPA filtering:High precision sterilization,decomposition of harmful substances.
  • Intelligent control panel,when shutdown state,click the POWER key,LOW indicator light,Startup(Low gear);Press second the HIGH Indicator light,for high speed;Press third to shut down.
  • Exquisite and delicate appearance,lateral radian structure design,elegant fashion,1.7KG self weight design,convenient move.
  • Effective purification area of 6 square meters,easy to reduce environmental pollution.
Originwater Air purifier
Life begins with clean air
Technical parameters
  • Noise


  • PM2.5 removing efficiency


  • Toluene removing efficiency


  • Formaldehyde removing efficiency


  • Clean air quality CADR


  • Anion quantity


  • Applicable area


  • Rated voltage


  • Rated power


  • Net weight


  • Product size


Purification Classes
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