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  • Primary-efficient front-filter screen, efficient HEPA filter layer, activated carbon filter layer, molecular sieve adsorption layer, cold catalyst filter layer, ultraviolet sterilization filter layer, anion filter layer,effectively filter and remove indoor PM2.5, smoke, dust, pollen, abnormal smell, formaldehyde, benzene series, VOC and other pollutants, purify the air, keep the air humidity and create a fresh space.
  • Double safety protection,such as the use of the process of careless machine dumping,its internal safety protection device will automatically cut off the power supply,to prevent harm.
  • A large number of indoor air supplements per second",formation of forest wind rich in negative ions,improved air structure,reconstruction of ecological home environment.
  • Effective purification area of 27 square meters,suitable for bedroom, living room, office and other occasions.
  • Built in microcomputer intelligent management chip,automatic management of indoor air quality.
  • When the air quality is excellent, the display color blue,when the air quality is good, show the purple,when the air quality is poor,show the red,adjust the machine status according to the environmental quality,effective purification and extended service.
Originwater Air purifier
Life begins with clean air
Technical parameters
  • CADR Numerical(particulate matter)

    225 m³/h

  • Sensor type

    TVOC sensor

  • Applicable area


  • Rated voltage

    220VAC 50Hz

  • Rated power


  • Purification method

    3 stage filter and 6 stage purification

  • Filter

    Front primary filter/HEPA filter/Activated carbon filter

  • Noise


  • Energy efficiency grade


  • Wind speed

    Three stall adjust

  • Electric machinery

    Multi wing centrifugal wind wheel+Plastic motor

  • Power line length


  • Main material


  • Product size


  • Net weight


  • Gross weight


  • Air quality discrimination


Purification Classes
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