Nanofiltration drinking machine D668

Making Drinking A Luxury Experience

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Low-pressure selective Nano filter

Safety and healthy,water saving and energy saving

It can achieve the selective filtering of target separators, effectively remove the bacteria, residual chlorine, organic pollutant, heavy metal and other harmful substances in the water, and retain the potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other mineral elements appropriately through the nanoscale aperture screening and electric charge effect among charged groups.

Innovative open top water platform

Break tradition inner cable-arch flume design,Intake height can free adjustment,easy to adapt to different drinking ware,no need to bend,allows you to easily and comfortably connected to water。

Free installation design

No external water supply,no need to decorate the pipeline two times;Free installation,Flexible placement。

Long-life filter:Save money to save the filter

Service life of up to 36 months;advanced automatic flushing function, Effectively ensure the long service life of the filter element,overall savings in your use cost。

Intelligent combination

Be in the lead Intelligent Internet of things+Mobile APP sistem,filter status and water quality are simp control in your hand。

Excellent design,Sophisticated technology

Perfect combination of high contour and high technology