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Research center
Originwater is the pioneer and leader of China’s wastewater reclamation technology, and the founder of large-scale application of membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology in China. The company is at the first level in China and the third level in the world in the membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology and membrane production field. The company has the whole industry chain membrane technologies with completely independent intellectual property rights (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis), and it is also the only one enterprise which combines the research and development of membrane material, manufacturing of membrane equipment and application of membrane technology.

Research and development of membrane material

The company can produce the PVDF hollow fiber microfiltration membrane wire and ultrafiltration membrane wire with the advanced level in the world, the global first ultra-low pressure selective nanofiltration (DF) membrane and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane.

Manufacturing of membrane equipment

The company can produce the standard and serial MBR membrane bioreactor, ultrafiltration membrane device, ultra-low pressure selective nanofiltration (DF) membrane assembler and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane assembler with the advanced level in the world.

Application of membrane technology

Own the independently developed new technology of 3AMBR biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal membrane bioreactor, 3HMBRSafe-MBR and other technologies.
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