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  • Using ultra-low pressure selective nanofiltration membrane, with the filter precision of 0.001 micrometer, it can effectively remove various pollutants in the water and retain the beneficial minerals and microelements to realize the selective filtering.
  • PP cotton + activated carbon rod + nanofiltration membrane + activated carbon,four stage precision filtration,Filtration of water sediment,suspended solids,colloids,impurities,heavy metals,organic compounds,the abnormal color and smell,for safety and health.
  • Running state can be seen,filter life display in real time,timely replacement of intelligent reminder,ensure fresh water.
  • Food grade material,high pressure resistance,maximum test pressure 2MP does not burst.Vacuum sealing,avoid pollution sources,ensure water quality health,according to the hydraulic brake flow,ensure freshness.
  • Only need a water purifier,meet two kinds of water quality,xpress switch,nanofiltration water and clean water free choice.
  • Can be installed in the kitchen cabinet,hidden installation saves kitchen space,also according to the kitchen structure and leading position selection of wall mounted.
  • Toughened glass panel,Durable and easy to clean.
Best Nano Filter, Best Water
OriginWater-Global innovator of water cleaning technology
Technical parameters
  • Product name

    Originwater OW-DF-14 Originwater

  • Product code


  • Product item No.


  • Applicable power supply


  • Rated power


  • Applicable water source

    Municipal tap water

  • Applicable water temperature


  • Applicable environment temperature


  • Applicable pressure


  • Flow of purified water


  • Rated total net water


  • Terminal water flow rate


  • Product size


  • Health batch No.

    J.W.S.Z (2015) No.2330

  • Execution standard


  • Effluent quality

    Comply with the requirements of 《drinking water quality standards》 (CJ94-2005)

PS:1. The total net amount of water is CTO, the total amount of water is not the total water quantity of the product。2 .Water flow rate and water inlet pressure、using environmental temperature、raw water quality of great relevance,in the light of actual us
Purification Classes
What is the high-quality, secure and healthy drinking water?
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What is the high-quality, secure and healthy drinking water?