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What is reverse osmosis membrane
The RO reverse osmosis membrane element designed and developed by Originwater consists of four series of products: low pressure, ultra low pressure, sea water desalination and pollution prevention. It is the core material for reverse osmosis treatment. With pollution prevention, good desalination performance, low energy consumption and long use life, it is mainly used to treat the industrial waste water with a small amount of organic pollution, urban sewage and slightly polluted water source; the membrane element consists of reverse osmosis membrane, central tube, inlet and outlet water end covers, thick screen, light screen, fiberglass, seal ring as well as polyurethane seals up, etc. The main material of Originwater reverse osmosis membrane (RO) is polyamide composite membrane; it can make the hydrone and ionic mineral elements retain the impure substances including in water, such as pyrogen, bacteria, toxin , compound, heavy metals (arsenic, cobalt, cadmium, mercury, etc.) toxic substance, metal, salt, ions and other substances which do harm to body health and prepare the purified water through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane by using the booster pump for high-pressure penetration. The flux of Originwater RO membrane is large, under the pressure of 0.45MPa and the recovery rate of 15%, the flux is ≧ 35L/m2 * h and the desalination rate for 250ppmNaCl solution is ≧ 90%; the reverse osmosis membrane can provide securer guarantee to the drinking water and it is particularly suitable for household and small water treatment devices.
Characteristics of reverse osmosis membrane

High desalination rate

Reverse osmosis membrane can block all dissolved salts and organic matter with molecular weight greater than 100,the desalting rate is more than 95%,removal of organic matter, microbes, viruses, and most of the ions in water,used of household water purification to ensure drinking water safety.

Wide range of industrial applications

Reverse osmosis membrane in medicine, electronics, chemical, textile, energy, metallurgy and other industries,seawater and brackish water desalination,preparation of boiler water, industrial pure water and ultra pure water,purified drinking water production,process of wastewater treatment and special separation plays an important role,it is the most precise liquid separation products.

Originwater Reverse osmosisn membrane