Membership Policy

Just be for love,clear water and blue sky

With the rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standard,people's awareness of healthy drinking water is also increasing,coupled with the growing problem of water pollution in china,residents want to drink a good health water becomes increasingly difficult.Under these circumstances,the water purifier was warmly welcomed by the market as soon as it came out,how to better provide customers with quality after-sales service are originwater have been thinking and trying to do.

Originwater will uphold openness, cooperation and win-win concept,business cooperation as the core,supported by technical cooperation and personnel training,hand in hand partners,to create a vibrant ecological industry.
Regional conservation policy
Beijing OriginWater Technology Co., Ltd implement the regional general agent system for "Originwater" Water Purifier,according to the method each county market a general agent,the general agent be esponsible for regional market development.Agents enjoy regional protection,the regional market policy is regional exclusive license,and use Agency contract promise do not develop second agents in the same area.In addition,the company for the phenomenon of trans regional distribution will strict control and formulated the relevant punishment policy,Very effective for Protected General agent's right,the details to see General agency agreement.
Product price policy
Seven products series of the company(pure water,water purification ,Soft water,Commercial water purification,Drinking platform,Engineering Series)products,developed a competitive supply price in company and market retail price system,ensure the profit space of agents.
Market start policy
Strong market management support:The company has five large areas in the country,22 market management centers,the Agent can conduct market activities by our guidance;
Many sales props information support:Promotional materials for sales(Water purifying demonstrator machines,Inflatable arches,X display rack,Sun umbrella,Promotional display table,more than 50 kinds of product catalogs),After sale material(Full set of tools,Install clothing, etc.);
Professional training support:Company have two regular training and some irregular training for the sales and engineering staff every year,and there are detailed training materials for various personnel;
Media publicity support:Company through the network promotion,Television advertising,Exhibition,Bodywork\wall advertising and other promotional methods enhance brand image and brand awareness.
Marketing support policy
National unified service hotline:4000-2000-51,to solve technical problems for agents at 9:00—22:00 every day
Specify the relevant personnel to help the dealer market problems.
Cooperate with regional market to follow up key projects and technical guidance.
Regular or irregular professional training agents of the sales staff and sales staff.
According to proxy category,provide the corresponding standard configuration support in stages.
Responsible for store head, billboards, exhibits and other terminal VI promotion design。
Publicity and promotion activities planning and implementation.
National brand planning and advertising design and implementation.
Through the network promotion,media advertising,exhibition and other propaganda in country,enhance brand image,to promote sales.
The company has own official website and E-Shop,to strengthen the company's product brand promotion and publicity,and strict price management system,guarantee profit maximization under the security line.