Latest news: Origin Water won Industry Influential Brand in 2016 China Water Purification Industry Gathering

Just now, a piece of good news arrived. On “Win in China” 2016 China Water Purification Industry Ecological Conference and Brand Event Awards Ceremony held in Diaoyutai Guesthouse, Beijing, BOW was awarded Industry Influential Brand in 2016 China water purification industry gathering. Company president Mr. Zheng Daliang presented at the gathering and gave a speech with innovation as key word.

As a technology innovator in water purification industry in the world, Originwater has been adhering to its mission “undertaking social responsibilities, promoting ecological civilization”, and insisting on solving problems of “water pollution, water shortage and drinking water insecurity” by membrane technology. As the leader of environmental protection industry inChina, Originwater is one of the few enterprises that can research, develop and manufacture a full range of membrane elements, including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration element; the number of MBR water treatment project finished by Originwater has exceeded American GE, ranking the first in the world. From engineering use to civil use, BOW applied core technologies to civil water purification industry and filled the technology gap of nanofiltration in domestic water purification industry. In October 2016, BOW launched new nanofiltration product: Origin Spring Series. Originwater paid 5-year efforts in R&D, and put investment of 300 million yuan to develop nanofiltration element. The new generation low pressure selective nanofiltration membrane successfully developed by BOW was revolutionary and epoch-marking; it pushed water purification product a leap forward from coarse filtration, under filtration, ultra pure filtration to the 4.0 Generation “selective filtration”, marked the Originwater’s constant exploration and innovation in civil water purification field and Originwater’s increasing market influence, and won wide acclaim from experts and industrial peers. 

As comprehensive assessment result of public vote and experts evaluation, finally, BOW was awarded the prize as Industry Influential Brand in 2016 China water purification industry gathering. At the awards ceremony, colleagues from water purification industry, elites and media workers had a joyous gathering and witnessed the glorious time of the gathering. Mr. Wang Zhansheng, doctoral supervisor ofTSinghuaUniversityand famous experts in water treatment industry, granted prizes to award-winners.